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How I Overcame My Uncomfortableness in front of the Camera | Personal Brand Photographer Chicago

The #1 objection I hear to getting brand photography is that “I hate getting my picture taken.” I hear it over and over again from my clients. Raise your hand if that’s you too! Most of my clients are surprised to hear that I also hate getting my picture taken […]

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Personal Brand Photographer Chicago

Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic | Personal Brand Photographer Chicago

Please excuse me while I gush over my Personal Brand Photography session with Laurie Stone from Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic! I have known Laurie for many years and is definitely someone you should know. Both Laurie and I started our businesses around the same time and she was one of […]

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Top 3 Investments Every Entrepreneur Should Make in Their Brand | Personal Brand Photographer Chicago

When I first started my photography business almost 10 years ago, I thought the only things that mattered in my brand were colors, fonts, and a logo. I was so excited to be starting a new adventure and I couldn’t wait to add my personal touches to everything. I chose […]

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5 Ways to Use Props in Your Brand Photography | Chicago Brand Photographer

I don’t know about you, but I never know what to do with my hands when taking a picture – especially a picture where I’m the only one in it. Do I keep them down at my side; do I fold them in front of me; do I put them […]

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Cloud Nine Web Design | Personal Brand Photography Chicago

Let me introduce you to an extension of my team… Cloud Nine Web Design (a.k.a. my web guy). I promised myself I wasn’t going to make this into a “Why You Should Hire Cloud Nine” blog post (because really… you should) but rather a case study into what they needed […]

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How to Protect Your Personal Brand on Social Media | Chicago Personal Brand Photographer

I completely have a love/hate relationship with social media. If you haven’t noticed, there are times I show up daily and then I disappear for weeks. Regardless if you love it or hate it, you need to protect your personal brand on social media. Whether it’s face to face or […]

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